Hello, Friends and Family!

      We're lesbians, so we have enough toasters.  In fact, since we recently combined two full households into one, we don't need any housewares at all.  Our house, on the other hand, could use some love.  We're grateful to have a nice place to live, but the old girl does need some work.  We need a whole house electrical rewire, a few plumbing repairs, baseboards, paint, a few bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, a new front door, and Nikki says the marriage isn't going to last too many more Whittier summers if we don't get central air conditioning.  I'm pretty sure she's kidding... most of the time.

      What we want most is to celebrate the start of our life together with you!  However, if you choose to help us turn our house into a home, we are humbled by your generosity.  

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